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Discover Empire8

Not just any property developer… we’re specialists in helping our clients achieve financial freedom through the strategic developments of high-quality dual occupancy investments on the Sunshine Coast.


About Us

Dual occupancy investment property specialists on the Sunshine Coast

If you are a first time or experienced investor seeking valuable assets to add to your portfolio, you have come to the right place.

The experienced team at Empire8™ has a comprehensive understanding of how to create positive cash flow investment opportunities for buyers at all stages of their investment journey.

With a hands-on approach, we oversee the design, build and management of turnkey duplex properties created to generate positive returns.

Having spent over 25 years in the property industry, we have a track record of successfully delivering duplex/dual occupancy properties in growth areas. The duplexes we create are located in high demand areas to attract the highest number of owner occupiers and investors.

When you work with us, you can expect your project to be completed on time and on budget, to the highest standards.

Empire8™ design, develop and construct, to ensure the quality we promise is actually delivered. This is achieved with stringent quality control systems and a commitment to outstanding results.

Our Mission

Empire8™’s mission is to provide high-end property developments that deliver quality, through personal experience and design, to make a difference in the lives of our clients.

Sunshine Coast Duplex Specialists

More Than Your Typical Duplex Developers

We’re making a difference in the lives of our clients… take a look at the benefits of working with Empire8™.

Take the Stress out of Investing

Are you overwhelmed with property investing options and conflicting advice and lacking the time to oversee a development project yourself?

We take almost every task off your hands and manage your development for you from start to finish.

The entire experience of developing a duplex with Empire8™ is simple and stress-free.

Quality Product

Empire8™’s unique duplex / dual occupancy investment strategy is proven to work – for us personally as well as our clients.

Each duplex property is carefully designed to fulfil specific requirements for you and your tenants. Work with us to create a positive-geared investment property and practical living accommodation which is easy to lease to quality tenants.

Industry Experts

Having built more than 80 duplexes, we understand what works and what doesn’t.

Each property is designed to create instant equity for first time and experienced investors.

With over 25 years in the property industry, we leverage our experience and local market knowledge to help you expand your property portfolio and get positive returns.


As our client, you will receive clear information of how the entire duplex process works so you understand what to expect at every stage.

We provide regular video updates so you always know where we are up to with construction and development.

Return on Investment

We’re focused on creating a property that holds value and is cash-flow positive so you can grow your wealth.

Having applied our duplex strategy over 70 times, we will be able to help you produce positive cash flow and instant equity.

An amazing customer experience

Our clients can’t stop talking about how much they enjoy working with Denis, Paula and the team at Empire8™.

This is because we treat every property development like our own.

Sunshine Coast Duplex Specialists


Dual Occupancy/Duplex Specialist | Director of Empire8™

I believe communication and connection are the two keys to find a solution for any situation.”

As well as having passion for property development and project management that spans almost three decades, Denis is committed to customer service and constant communication.

A specialist in auditing, safety controls and quality assurance, Denis is onsite every day during your build project to make sure things are going according to plan. When your duplex/dual occupancy home is being built, you can expect regular videos from Denis to update you on its progress.

Career History

Originally from New Zealand, Denis moved to Australia more than 20 years ago with his family and began gaining his education and now extensive experience in areas such as dual international welding inspection, international lead auditing, contracts management and quality assurance.

Denis’ unique background in construction saw him achieve management roles in the oil and gas industry, with companies such as Shell, Caltex, BHP Iron Ore, Vale and Chevron.

Denis and his wife Paula (also an Empire8™ Director), have been continually expanding their expertise in councils, real estate licenses, town planning, architects, engineers, builders, structures and land developers for many years. This means they fully understand how to best deliver dual occupancy investment properties on the Sunshine Coast that deliver true positive cash flow and instant equity.

Outside of work, you’ll find Denis enjoying rugby and travelling with his family to experience other cultures, food and life experiences.


Dual Occupancy/Duplex Specialist | Director of Empire8™

All you have in business is your reputation, so it’s important to keep your word”.

In her role as Director at Empire8™, Paula is passionate about creating an amazing experience for every client and exceeding their expectations.

With a background in the accounting and conveyancing industry, and 25+ years of experience in property investment (specialising in dual living homes on the Sunshine Coast), Paula’s expertise lies in sales, project management, and communicating directly with consultants such as architects, town planners, engineers and builders. She also liaises with mortgage brokers and solicitors to ensure an efficient process for clients.

Paula works directly with all clients from start to finish and oversees the management of all builds to ensure timely delivery.

Outside the office and construction site, Paula enjoys travel, spending time with family, going to the beach and watching movies.

Sunshine Coast Duplex Specialists

Paying It Forward

Giving back and paying it forward is something we do with part of the proceeds from every duplex/dual occupancy project.